Misc. Lot 1

-Lord & Lady of Cabbage Manor 26" Pear Blossom Patterns

-Buttons & Bows Angel A craft Pattern The Buttons and Bows Collection Sally Jean's Frills & Things

-Cute Cuddly Critters Volume 1 Cats & Rabbits Featuring pages of plush ideas that are fun to create and charming to display

-BEARS just wanna dress up 10 bear personalities to collect

-Christmas Expressions in Applique by Marine Bumbalough Full Size patterns included 19 easy to sew projects (stockings, ornaments, tree skirts, wreaths, stuffed teddy bear, and many more)

-School Time Fibre Craft Charming pinafore outfit to sew, full-size patterns, and easy to follow instructions. Use with 11 1/2" porcelain-look doll

-Big As Life DOLLS Made with paper capers and jumbo twist by Mary Teager 8 Dolls for all occassions each stands over 38" high!

-All Cooped Up Presents: On A Rolld For The Holidays... featuring 16 favorite holiday roly polys to add to your holiday festitvies 

-Woodburn & Paint with a Twist by Katie Smith

- Trim Book 2 for all-thumbs people beautiful home decor projects featuring naturals & florals by Lynn Paulin also includes easy tibbon brain trim Designers: Elizabeth Capstick, Marlene Watson, and Karen Smith

-Tussie-Mussies & More 14 romantic, Victorian projects

-Bana Designs The Royal Victorian Collection designed by Chere Brodsky and Laura Kluvo

-Leisure Arts Craft Leaflets Leaflet 1034 The Bow Book More than 20 bows for gifts, crafts, florals, and many other uses. COmplete illusrated didrections desifns by Marie Koops

Lot 1

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