Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the condition of the product I'm interested in purchasing?

Listing Description - Each item will have at least one picture and a description with details on the condition of the product and what is included in the listing. LNS price tags or stickers may be present and may or may not be considered when determining item condition. Removed price tags and stickers may leave a slight marking. 

Excellent - Like new condition. Previously purchased and the item has not been used. There should be little to no marks or flaws.

Good - Gently used condition. Previously purchased and typically used. There can be minor marks or flaws.

Fair - Used. Previously purchased and used. There can be marks, creases, scratches etc. The item is cosmetically not new looking but the item is still usable as intended. 

Limited Edition - The item was in limited production and likely cannot be reordered as a new product. 

OOP - These are Out-of-Print or Out-of-Production items. 

Rare - These are difficult to find items that are either in high demand, OOPs, discontinued fabrics, or products from a company no longer in business. 

WIP - These are partially completed needlework projects. 

Completed - These are completed needlework projects. They may or may not be framed or finished. 

What is the difference between Vendor, Consignor, Consignee, and Selling Agent?

Vendors - The consignors of products being sold on StashUnload.

Consignor - The owner of the items being consigned or sold.

Consignee - The buyer of the consigned items. 

Selling Agent - The Selling Agent is the person or company handling a purchase or transaction on behalf of the Consignor.

How do I get paid?

After your item sells and payment is confirmed we will credit your account with the funds due to you. This typically happens quarterly or bi-annually. You can utilize your funds in one of two ways, store credit or no-fee electronic payment. Electronic payments are sent quarterly or bi-annually unless otherwise arranged. 

How is pricing determined for an item?

StashUnload does not price the items listed for sale unless requested. Vendors can set the price they would like for their items. You are always welcome to offer a price other than listed and we will pass your offer to the Vendor. There is no guarantee the Vendor will accept your offer. 

How do I become a Vendor on StashUnload?

You can Apply to be a Vendor. We will review your application. Vendor approval depends on several factors such as our current stock levels, the items you have available for consignment, the condition of your products, and the demand for particular items. 

How long are my items available on the website?

Your items will be available on the website for at least six months. After the initial listing period, any unsold items can be reviewed and re-listed if mutually agreed upon.  

What does the Premium Plan cover?

The Consignment Fee is a flat rate. No hidden costs. We handle the full listing, storage, and sale transaction of each product for you. You don't have to hassle with photographing, listing, hosting, promotion, maintenance, website expenses, payments, shipping, or any of those stressful and time-consuming tasks. We catalog your items and list them by the department. You will also get a Vendor link to a page featuring ONLY your consigned items. 

What is the difference between the Standard and Premium plans offered?

Standard Plan - You photograph and ship the items. We handle the rest. 

Premium Plan - You mail the items to us and we handle everything else.   

What does it cost to sell on StashUnload?

Standard Plan - The commission fee for the Standard Plan is 10% + merchant fees. This includes listing, hosting, promoting, and maintenance. All you need to do is provide pictures and ship items to the buyer when they sell.


Premium Plan - The commission fee for the Premium Plan is 25% + merchant fees. This is a full-service plan and includes photographing, listing, hosting, promotion, maintenance, storage, and shipping to buyer. There are no hidden fees, no listing or re-listing cost per item.  

If you still have questions that were not addressed here please contact us and we will be happy to help.